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How Skooli works

Students can  easily connect with tutors by searching the subject and level in which they need help. From there, simply select a verified online tutor with whom to start a session with.

After the lesson is finished, the student has the opportunity to rate the tutor, ensuring that the quality of our educator network is guaranteed by the most important people - the students using it.

Get live 1 to 1 help in our advanced lesson space. Use a virtual whiteboard, audio/video chat, screen sharing, text editor and much more.

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Why use Skooli

Select the best tutor for your child

Our network consists of over 20,000+ carefully hand selected tutors from PhDs and Ivy Leagues to teachers, doctors, professors and pilots.

Available for all K-12 grade levels and subject areas. Your child can learn one-on-one from a tutor who is certified to teach a specific subject and grade level.

Support for all subjects and grade levels

Students can meet tutors online with face-to-face video conferencing at any time. Deliver real-time teaching and support during or outside of regular school hours.

Instantly connect with tutors, anytime, anywhere

A safe and secure online learning environment

Skooli offers a safe and secure learning space for students and educators to connect without the risk that comes with public video conferencing software. 

Pricing Packages Available

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Mastermind Plan

Savings: $115


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Tutoring time available

16 hours

($0.70 / minute) 

Einstein Plan

Savings: $326


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Tutoring time available

32 hours

($0.65 / minute) 

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Classroom Ready tutoring, powered by Skooli

Classroom Ready believes that every student deserves to achieve their learning goals, both in school and at home. Students can now access even more comprehensive academic opportunities with the introduction of online tutoring, powered by Skooli.

Finding the Right Solution is Critical

Skooli is an online tutoring platform that delivers scale, security, and the best technology for 1:1 learning. Students can connect with professional educators directly in a safe online learning environment. 

Better Grades Start Here

Classroom Ready has partnered with Skooli to make online tutoring accessible. Skooli offers a way to  help your child get the learning support they need to do their best. Get started now.

Your Personalized Opportunity

Skooli is saving us time, money and tears! My husband and son spent agonizing hours pouring over math homework. After only two sessions, my son was exclaiming how much he loves math!


Alyson N

Parent of 3

Genius Plan

Savings: $40


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Tutoring time available

8 hours

($0.73 / minute) 

Starter Plan

Savings: $0


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Tutoring time available

1 hour

($0.82 / minute)