Unlimited live one-to-one online tutoring with certified teachers 

Designed to accelerate student learning while promoting safety, we provide instant, drop-in support in core subjects, 24/7, and 24-hour essay and assignment review. 

This flexible, equitable learning access can be curated to meet the unique needs of students district-wide, at an affordable cost.

Give your students the support they need

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A true 1:1 tutoring experience 

"Best in Class" online classroom

Skooli’s digital classroom was designed with the purpose of  accelerating learning in an online world. One of the few platforms to offer live audio alongside a user-friendly whiteboard with an array of functionalities (such as a 700+ term Math Glossary!), ensuring students have all of the tools and technology they need for the very best homework help.

Skooli offers flexible, equitable access to student learning that can be curated to meet the unique needs of students at the district level and at an affordable cost. Rather than charging by the hour, Skooli charges one overall per-student rate, granting each student unlimited access for an entire year (365 days).

Say goodbye to hourly fees

Safe and secure learning environment

Skooli tutors are instantly available for one-to-one homework help and written assignment review to address student knowledge gaps, mitigate learning loss, and maximize overall achievement. No student waits for more than two minutes for the tutor to respond to their request.

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E: kate@skooli.com

Skooli is a 1:1 online tutoring platform that connects students directly with professional educators in a digital classroom. Designed in partnership with a Government Education body, Skooli accelerates student learning while promoting safety. Schools and districts can now access 1:1 dedicated support from vetted, licensed teachers in core four subjects as well as homework review with 24-hour turnaround. 

Partnering with Skooli promotes the equitable, affordable and quality learning support students need more than ever before.

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Give your students the help they need, when they need it

Our extensive network of tutors consists of carefully vetted, experienced educators with teaching licenses and/or Masters or PhDs as well as deep understanding of online pedagogy and proven teaching techniques. Each Skooli tutor devotes full time and attention to one student at one time.