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How Skooli works

Students can  easily connect with tutors by searching the subject and level in which they need help. From there, simply select a verified online tutor with whom to start a session with.

After the lesson is finished, the student has the opportunity to rate the tutor, ensuring that the quality of our educator network is guaranteed by the most important people - the students using it.

Get live 1 to 1 help in our advanced lesson space. Use a virtual whiteboard, audio/video chat, screen sharing, text editor and much more.

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Superior Online Academic Support

The best tutors

Our network consists of  20,000+ carefully vetted, hand-selected licensed educators with subject matter expertise and proven experience in online teaching.

Available for K-12  levels and all subject areas, students get the 1:1 learning support they need from educators certified to teach specific levels and subjects in a virtual classroom.

Support for all 

Safe and secure

Skooli offers a safe and secure learning space for students and educators to connect without the risk that comes with public video conferencing software. 

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About Skooli

An online tutoring platform for levels K-12 that delivers scale, security, and the best technology for 1:1 learning, Skooli is the learning support children need to thrive in our new virtual school environments. 

Students can connect with expert tutors directly and instantly through a safe online learning environment.

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Schools and Districts

Our secure online tutoring platform for K-12 schools delivers the best technology for 1:1 learning. Designed with the classroom in mind, Skooli offers schools and districts the learning support students need to understand difficult concepts from experts in an easy-to-use digital classroom anytime and from anywhere.

We can make a difference.

Are you interested in closing the learning gap with live, online, 1:1 academic learning support? Learn more about our platforms and services and let us help your students achieve more this year. 

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